Precautions to Take When Filing Immigration Form I-130

One of the first things to check for when filing Form I-130 with the US Citizenship and Immigrations Services is to make sure that you have the most current form. In the top right hand corner, you should see an expiration date of 01/31/11. If this does not appear on your I-130 application, check the USCIS website for further instructions and that your version is current. Previous versions of the Form I-130 are being accepted but this could change in the near future. Next I would like to stress the importance of filing a computer printed I-130 form versus a handwritten I-130 form. A computer printed I-130 form is generally much easier for the USCIS to read and scan than a handwritten form. The USCIS has found that it has a lower rejection rate for computer printed forms against handwritten ones. Some of the common mistakes made by those who try and file handwritten forms is they are not in black ink (USCIS only accepts black ink) and items that are not applicable should be … [Read more...]

The Three Signs of a Malfunctioning Power Supply

Power supplies are probably one of the remembered components of a desktop computer. But when taken for granted, a malfunctioning PSU can lead to some serious damage to your computer. There are usually three things to look out for that can tell you that something is not right with your electric power device and this article will help identify them for your convenience. These are preventive maintenance tips that will go a long way in preserving the life of your computer.The first of the things to look out for is overheating. Although it is normal for an electrical power device to give off heat when in use, a broken fan will increase its chances of overheating because there won't be anything to help it cool down. That is why fans are very important to power supplies and should always be checked periodically. Overheating may also come from processors so make sure first that the electrical power device is the root of the problem in order to avoid the hassle of replacing something that isn't … [Read more...]

Step by Step Instructions to Connect a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

A remote console and mouse set give you more opportunity of movement without the authoritative of wires on your two essential PC input gadgets. Disposing of the wired associations of your console and mouse disposes of desktop disarray by diminishing the quantity of wires used to interface your info gadgets to your PC and gives you more adaptability with how you set up your workspace. The underlying setup of your remote peripherals takes a couple of minutes, yet after you have the console and mouse introduced, the remote gadgets can be utilized similarly as some other.Insert the installation CD that came with your wireless keyboard and mouse set into your computer's CD-ROM drive. Use the CD to install the drivers for the wireless peripherals.Insert batteries into the keyboard and mouse. Use a screwdriver to remove any screws that hold the battery bay covers closed.Connect the wireless signal receiver to your computer. Receivers for wireless keyboard and mouse sets usually use a USB … [Read more...]

How to Repair Error Code 619 – "The Port Was Disconnected" Error

Error Code 619 is a common error that's shown when your computer attempts to connect to a network system via the "Routing" or "Remote Access Server" protocols. The error is shown when the connection to the other system is blocked, causing your PC to be unable to read the various files it needs to, when corrupts & damaged it. To fix this problem, you need to ensure the connection your computer wants to make is not being blocked, and that your various firewall / connections are all secure. Here's what you need to do...The reason why Error Code 619 shows is all because of how your computer cannot connect to various other computers through a network. One of the biggest causes of this problem is likely going to be an Internet-related program that's blocking the connection. If you have the likes of Instant Messengers, email applications or other programs running, you might want to close them down before retrying whatever it was you were trying to do. This way, you can be sure that none of … [Read more...]

Error Accessing OLE Registry – How to Solve It?

Registries are considered the heart and soul of our computers. The registries are the locations in the computer where important files are stored. When we switch ON our system, our computer would first look into the registries as the files required to boot up the system are stored in these locations. Any error or mistake that happens to the registries would affect the overall functioning of our PCs and would reduce its speeds as well. When a new program is installed it brings changes to some of the files in the registries and you install a whole lot of programs into your system. In all these occasions the files stored in the registries are undergoing change and any corruption or mistake in these files would make the system to crash. Error accessing OLE registry is one of the common errors that can happen to our registry.What is an error accessing OLE registry? When you install a new program into the computer, the OLE server included in the application would not have been installed and … [Read more...]

Removing Adware Made Simple – 3 Steps to Rid of Adware Without a Trace

Adware has become a huge business. Advertisers pay software companies large sums of money to design software that will either create pop-ups on your computer or to find ways to get annoying ads on your computer. In addition, these companies also capture your behaviors while online without your consent. Your feelings are really not a consideration in their process. One way to avoid some of the problems is to be very careful about what you download and sites you visit online. When you choose to download a program, be sure to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) as you will often give permission to have ads loaded onto your computer. If you have annoying pop ups and are ready to rid of the issue, the steps to follow will assist you in getting adware and other parasites off of your PC including spyware, malware, browser hijackers, and keyloggers. Step One: Make a List of Problems on Your PC Currently It is good to have an understanding of what problems you are already … [Read more...]

What Are The Symptoms Of Eye Strain?

The use of computers and technological devices has skyrocketed in our American society. This increase in the use of technology for extended periods of time, without breaks, has caused some vision problems associated with eye strain. This is due to the fact that the visual system is not used to the constant exposure to excessive close up work that the frequent use of technology has subjected it to. This continual exposure to close up work is causing a buildup of tension and stress in the eye muscles that leads to the common vision problem of eye strain. One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to first identify or recognize the symptoms of this condition. Therefore, here are some of the symptoms associated with eye strain and the steps you can take to prevent or reduce it.The symptoms of eye strain include tired eyes, burning eyes, sore eyes, double vision, blurry eyesight and light sensitivity to name a few. The symptoms of eye strain are not limited to the eyes but they are … [Read more...]

Tips to Retrieve Missing DLL Files

Dynamic link library files commonly or technically termed as DLL files are the files which contain various functions and other information accessed by a windows program during booting and during various ALU operations. Windows cannot operate on any information without these files. DLL files are stored with an extension of .dll in the computer memory. When a particular program is created corresponding dll links also is created. Any such file can be created in two modes one is static and the other one is dynamic dll. A static dll is the one which runs as long as the program is active while a dynamic dll file is the one which gets activated as and when the programs needs that link. A dynamic file is much more popular and mostly in use in these days over a static one.The dynamic files use the memory, hard drive space more efficiently than a static file. Generally, these are automatically loaded on to the computer memory as and when the windows operating system gets installed. However, any … [Read more...]

Life and Computers

I am definitely not very "techie" but my older son has done everything from building computers, to developing websites to teaching classes about how to protect children from internet predators. Over the years he has taught me five things that can be applied to life:1. No matter what you do, you cannot wreck the system. Even if you get into the wrong place, you can back out and get where you need to be again. Life is the same. We all make mistakes and sometimes think that we are never going to find the right path but, with a little faith and guidance, things can be resolved.2. If you read the instructions on the screen you can navigate from one place to another. Letting your emotions control the situation when you are facing a computer or a stressful life situation with not help! Slow down. Take a breath and examine what is in front of you. Chances are that the answers are right in front of your eyes.3. When the little blue circle is spinning you need to wait. Hitting the ENTER key … [Read more...]

Some Tips to Keep Your Computer in a Dust Free Environment

Just take a look at some common mistakes that we often make when carrying out maintenance activities and keeping our computer clean. We presume that maintaining the computer and dusting it once in a week is sufficient. The truth is that the computer must be kept dusk free at all times. If you are in a position to do so, you should try and dust the computer at all times.However, since it is not feasible, going in for daily dusting is advisable. If you let dust settle on your computer table and on your monitor, it is obvious that it is going to find its way inside your central processing unit. This is unavoidable. Making use of a vacuum cleaner and blowing all the dirt out is one option. However, that is not going to work well every time.Sooner or later, dust is going to simply stay in your computer and is just not going to get cleaned up. Hence, the idea of using a wipe to dust your computer once in a week and using the vacuum cleaner once in a month is not the ideal solution. Instead, … [Read more...]