cloud computing

cloud computing

A Deep Insight Into the Future of Accounting

Accounting is one of the popular businesses which is slow in adapting the latest trends. The reason for this is, accounting firms take on huge responsibilities and they cannot afford to create blunders. The clients expect the accounting firms to be stable. Any type of mistake can't be tolerated in this business as this can prove to be very costly for the clients. However, the last few years have seen that accounting has taken huge steps forward.Today the way accounting is done is virtually unrecognizable from how it was done ten years ago. Let's find out what does the future of accounting hold for CPAs and accountant.Cloud Accounting is the Future of Accounting.A large number of businesses have already switched to cloud technology in a broad way. Most of the businesses depend on cloud computing for faster connectivity, data storage, Software as a Service (SaaS) and for many other reasons.Because of the traditional nature of accounting, it has been slower to get to the cloud than other … [Read more...]

Advantages Of Cloud Based IT Infrastructures

Cloud computing lets us compute with the help of the internet. Before, we used to download applications or software on our gadgets, and then use them, but now we get the same service directly from the internet. The easiest example is uploading a Facebook status - that is cloud computing. When you check your bank balance on your banking application, that too is cloud computing. Let us know the advantages of cloud based IT infrastructures, for knowing its most efficient usage.Top Advantages Of Cloud Based IT Infrastructures:1. Flexible:If you have a growing or fluctuating business, this would be the ideal aid. When needs increase, it is smooth to scale up the cloud capacity. You simply need to draw into the remote servers of the services you need. Again, you can scale it down because it is flexible. This also makes CIOs and IT Directors think that operational agility is the driving force of cloud computing.2. Saves Money:After flexibility, saving costs in one of the advantages of cloud … [Read more...]

Why Telematics Is a Major Disruptor in Insurance?

The vehicle telematics system and User-Based Insurance (UBI) are key trends in the auto insurance industry and expect a disruptive change in the near future.Digital technology is transforming the insurance marketplace enormously and the insurers are investing significant attention to meet the customer expectations by adopting vehicle telematics system. The customer vehicle integrated with the telematics system helps to calculate insurance premiums which is dependent on the distance covered by the vehicle, the speed the driver maintains while driving, and also the overall driving habits of customers as this information can be read and stored by the telematics app and made accessible to not only the insurers but also all stakeholders.Vehicle telematics is recalibrating the auto insurance industry expectations and opening new ways to reach out to the clients. The rise of vehicle telematics not only changing the policyholders' demands, but also disrupting the way it should be supplied. … [Read more...]

Amazon Is All Set To Unsettle The Call Center Outsourcing Industry

After creating a niche in the retail industry, Amazon is all set to occupy the call center industry. This is certainly a big threat for the businesses in this industry, as Amazon is known for its capability of assessing the target market and coming up with groundbreaking solutions that are armed to swing competitors. Founded in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington, Amazon is a leading E-commerce and cloud computing company. The main factor that distinguishes this organization from its competitors is how it has strategically acquired a huge share of the international retail market. If you assess the brand's logo then you can see there is a smiley shaped pointer that points from A to Z. This logo signifies that Amazon is happy to serve you with anything and everything you need, from A to Z. Amazon is one amongst the biggest beneficiaries of the internet business boom and will soon revolutionize the call center industry.Cloud-Based Tools According to reports, the … [Read more...]

Top 5 IT Security Trends in 2017

IoT complexity to lead towards security vulnerability As per Cisco's Visual Networking Index (VNI), it is predicted that there will be around 26 billion IP network-connected devices by 2020. With Internet of Things (IoT) reaching the levels of enterprise networks, government systems and general user's handsets at such a large scale, security vulnerability will continue to plague these connected devices. Due to complexity in protocols and standards, absence of skilled resources to manage IoT environment, low-quality products with vulnerable security measures, and intricate architectures, IoT devices have already been under attacks from hackers, which is predicted to get worse in 2017. In fact, organizations are still not equipped enough to review even their popular apps for malware, which is resulting into DDoS attacks, and even leading to providing an entry point into the networks of enterprises for APTs and ransomware.The way forward: The battle will be won by those who will be able … [Read more...]

4 Ways Cloud Staffing Software Saves Your Time, Money, & Placements

Cloud computing has transformed the way business is done. At least 95% of enterprises are using some form of cloud services, whether they are cloud platforms, storage, applications, or a combination. For those companies in the staffing industry, cloud staffing software needs to be part of that equation. The value provided in greater security, mobility, performance, and scalability offer comprehensive value to staffing firms using their staffing software to the fullest.Here are some of the most advantageous benefits of using cloud staffing software compared to full-on enterprise software.1.) Higher Level Disaster Recovery & Security Keeping staffing data secure can be a pricey process. Backups, secure hardware, trained IT security professionals, and other security measures escalate costs faster than you can say "data breach," especially as cyber threats continue to multiply at an alarming rate. Last year's worrisome increase in ransomware (which cost worldwide businesses $1 billion … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing – The Emerging Future

Cloud computing is an internet based development and utilizes computer technology to the core. In model, it is a pattern budge whereby aspects are abstracted from the customers who no longer require awareness of, proficiency in or organize over the technology communications 'in the cloud' that holds them. It usually engages the stipulation of animatedly scalable and frequently virtualized sources as an overhaul over the internet. Cloud computing technology swanks all the profits of multitenancy, including reliability, built-in security, upgradeability and ease of utilize. The term cloud is utilized as a metaphor for the internet, established on how the internet is described in computer network diagrams and is a generalization of the fundamental communications it covers. Usual cloud computing services offer common business applications online that are got from a web browser, while data and the software are stacked away on the servers. These services are generally … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing Enables Agencies to Deliver Programs Quickly and Efficiently

Given that advertising agencies are actually in a very demanding and highly dynamic industry, an extremely high level of attention to detail and great flexibility is needed, where cloud computing could services could come in. Ad agencies are always pressured to keep up with market competition and it is very important to keep exploring for the best available technology solutions which they could use, and most are even turning to cloud computing services. Some agencies know of the benefits that infrastructure-as-a-service can provide, including lower costs, enhanced responsiveness, and scalability. But IT services are now evolving to the next generation cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing itself is more attractive than traditional computing infrastructure, due to the fact that storage and processing capacity may be accessed and adjusted in a very timely manner. For an advertising campaign with little or no track record, a client could certainly benefit from having access to … [Read more...]

The Role of Cloud Computing for Business

Nowadays internet and technologies have improved the efficiency and performance levels in companies of all the sizes. Increased internet usage and information rates of speed in conjunctions with a variety of electronic equipment and bigger storage capacities have brought about a new era in social media abilities. Cloud computing can be considered as the innovative of this new technology. These technologies have the potential to bring a variety of advantages and good things to a business.What Exactly Is Cloud Computing?What exactly is it? Through a service provider, cloud computing is a system that serves as an internet based information centre where customers can accessibility files and software safely through several different devices wherever there is internet access. It is a solution for companies and individuals looking for an easy way to store and access media from one device to another and the ability to share that media with other people who have been given access.Role in … [Read more...]

Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

With the advent of mobile technology, customers in today's world are constantly on the move. People have become extremely tech-savvy these days, and thinking about the world around us is simply not possible without our Smartphones. Starting from hotel booking to ticket booking, shopping to banking, booking a cab to paying utility bills, almost everything is available at our fingertips, courtesy the mobile apps. Yes, as the mobile industry is thriving, the demand for mobile apps is going viral. People have started understanding the benefits of using the many different mobile applications and this explains why mobile apps are so important these days.While 2016 turned out to be an action-packed year for mobile development companies, the trend is expected to continue in the year 2017 as well. So let us quickly glance through some of the top mobile app development trends in 2017:Hybrid Technologies app: Hybrid app technologies are like any other mobile application that you'll find in your … [Read more...]