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Advantages of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

ASR stands for Automatic Speech Recognition, which means just what it sounds like. Speech recognition software has come a long way since its invention, and it is now being used by many people in a multitude of professional fields. Doctors, lawyers, police officers, and university professors have seen the many advantages of ASR, and after reading this article, hopefully you will, too. Automatic speech recognition converts speech into text, which makes the process of note taking history. Virtual history, as it were, because all one has to do is to speak where the microphone can reach, and the words are converted into text. This can happen either onto a page, or directly into a computer program. Speech to computer is not that new; people have been using it and complaining about it for a long time. Typically banks and government agencies used them to transfer the caller onto the right department. But SRS, speech recognition software, has become so much better that people are not … [Read more...]


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IT Consultant

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