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What Is the ITIL Service Lifecycle?

Many organisations are adopting the ITIL process lifecycle to enable them to manage business and technology changes more effectively and efficiently.Strategy (SS) The purpose of the ITIL process strategy lifecycle stage is to define a strategy that a provider needs to execute to meet an organization's business objectives and outcomes. Value creation begins in the strategy lifecycle stage with an understanding of the organizational objectives and customer needs. The strategy lifecycle stage covers strategy generation that aims to improve the alignment between the service provider's capabilities and the business strategies.The strategy publication covers the principles of management which are useful for developing management policies, practices and processes across the ITIL service lifecycle. The guidance includes the development of markets to be served, characteristics of internal and external provider types, service assets, the service portfolio and implementation of strategy through … [Read more...]

How Information Technology Is Beneficial

Information Technology is associated with developing, studying and designing the information related to computers. These days, the IT sector is growing very fast, and this field has good opportunities in Education and Business Industries. In business the up-to-date changes in the global market can be easily identified with the development of IT sector. The key factor of using information technology is the hardware devices and software applications. In solving complicated mathematical problems this sector plays an important role. The role of IT service in the education field is well-known. The quick access provided by this sector helps the teachers and the students in studying the course material without difficulty. The online libraries and dictionaries helped the students to study the subject easily and to increase their grasping power. The addition of information technology in schools, colleges and universities helped the students to understand the basics of each subject … [Read more...]

ITIL Service Management – Bible For Managing Information Technology

Since the advent of Henry Ford's Model T and the creation of complex assembly lines, organizational designs have focused on breaking apart complex processes into individual tasks the result of which manifests it as pipe-based organizational charts where the right hand has little knowledge of what the left hand is doing. As technically focused IT stores are making transition into service organizations, it is essential to rejoin what has been artificially separated. Whenever an organization defines IT services, the two new virtual horizontal organizational structures are being established on the traditional domain-based silos. The end result of this two new virtual organization in that it leads to the establishment of a matrix organization In the matrix organization, staff now has multiple lines of accountability and are constantly faced with the requirement to prioritize their time. ITIL Service Management is a discipline for managing information technology systems. The … [Read more...]

How SLA and IT Service Management Can Benefit Your Business Monitoring System

SLA comes into picture if you are accessing a service being delivered by a third party. Under this circumstance you should have a legally binding Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place to have a clear understanding of what you are getting and at the same time you can also take action if you are not enjoying the service you have asked for. What Is Service Level Agreement (SLA) The SLA is a legal bond between the outsourcing vendor and a company. It is a document that elucidates your services and its levels in a specific manner, along with the details of the agreement, and its terms and conditions. What is IT Service Management? Today's businesses are increasingly delivered facilitating information technology. Business and IT management require guidance and backing on how to manage the IT infrastructure in order to catapult quality and functionality in a cost effective manner. IT Service Management it view things from the customer's perspective, ie IT is a service … [Read more...]

Dell Online (Case Study)

Background (General Facts from Case Study) Dell is a computer corporation recognized for manufacturing computer systems through parts assemble. In 1983, Michael Dell saw an opportunity in using IBM compatible computers for a new assembly line that can be sold to local businesses. The idea as explained by Michael Dell, in an interview with Joan Magretta [1], is that in the early days of computers' manufacturing, companies had to be able to produce every part of the system. As the industry matured, companies started to focus on single parts and to become specialized in creating items that can be assembled with other parts to prepare a computer. As a result, Dell understood that to have a competitive edge in the market, they needed to focus on activities that drive sales instead of putting capital in producing items that other manufactures are already creating. In the 1990's, the computer market revolved around desktops, notebooks, and network servers. Dell competed with … [Read more...]

IT Training: What Is It?

One of the most challenging skills at present is IT skills. But, unfortunately there is a lack of people in this field in spite of the fact that there are a large number of opportunities. If you are going to work as a mentor, however you are going to have more than the fundamental technological skills. You will also require to have more than one basic technical skill and at the same time you need to have good people skills. Most people know that, IT stands for Information Technology. These are the people who set up and maintain a company's network. There is a huge amount of consulting work done by an IT professional. There is a huge amount of consulting work done by IT professionals. So, if you are looking to get involved in consulting, it is definitely a field that you are going to want to get some training that any other IT professional would get. But, there are some important fields where you will need to focus, if you are going to work as a consult. When a company … [Read more...]

Advantages of IT Support From Local Service Suppliers

Presently, many businesses have started using varied IT contracts to ensure that their IT network is functional or not. These steps in the field of IT are included in many phases of a business in such a way that all the barriers accountable to damage the business proficiency as well as output are being removed. It is indeed significant for the businesses to keep an IT contract support operating in the best way and the one that can offer rapid back up support at any given time, if any failure in the network is being observed. Most of the IT institutions are accountable to protect all the important business data and prevent any damage approaching it. A contract from the local suppliers initially maintains a track of the network safety, pc upgrades, computer monitoring and system defects. As soon as it finds that there is any problem approaching, it tries to recover the system form them. The moment the business head is aware of the benefit of the having a complete IT support … [Read more...]

Importance of IT Support Services For Your Business And What Are The Benefits Of Using Them?

These days, businesses around the globe are growing at a rapid pace. Developing splendid IT systems and proving to be a worthy competition for major business competitors and maintaining a solid web presence are the fundamental goals of these companies. However, attaining these goals is not an easy task since so many different risks are prevalent in the environment. As means of grabbing the greater share of the market, modern day companies enthusiastically put their effort and time to develop suitable computer or IT support systems. In terms of revenues and customers, many companies have failed because of making choices without appropriate research, data losses and inappropriate IT resources. For all types of businesses, whether new or old, they can achieve marvelous accomplishments with computer support and infrastructure. Following is an overview of how to choose the right IT support services provider and the composition of these services. Predominantly, the following major … [Read more...]

How IT Managed Services Can Boost Your Business And Result In Profit

Every business organization faces some or the other problems every now and then. Dealing with these troubles on a regular basis can consume a lot of the company's time, resources and money. One of these problem areas which an organization is likely to face is IT problems. IT difficulties such as constant repair requirement, threat to security of networks and faulty software and hardware can mean spending of extra sums of money on something which can be dealt with quite easily. Yes, there are many IT managed service providers who can provide large or small business IT consulting, computer sales, computer repair and many other such IT related services. Let's read about how IT managed services can boost a business and help it survive in the long term:• An IT managed service provider can help in software and hardware related services, computer repair and re installation services and also offers discounted rates of computer sales if you hire it on contract basis. This can greatly … [Read more...]


Orange County Computer Repair Service has been a Team Leader, Project Manager, and Network Administrator/Engineer par excellence for a long time now. We have had the rare opportunity to face the challenge of, and excelling in being the sole IT support personnel for the security, repair, installation, migration, reconfiguration and maintenance of large scale Windows and Novell networks with user bases ranging from 5 to 8000. We utilize all this knowledge and experience to deliver the following services to our current clients: Network & Systems Administration We at Orange County Computer Repair Service, treat network administration as a crucial business enabling function rather than just an auxiliary support activity. Apart from network traffic monitoring, devices and components management, and thorough testing of all associated applications and programs, we can fine tune your business output and provide you with an edge over competitors by optimizing the performance of your servers … [Read more...]