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Silicon Valley Should Practice What It Preaches

Does anybody else see the irony in the great technologists of Silicon Valley railing against the Trump Administration for hampering the economic prosperity of our youth, restricting immigration and diversity, and fostering income inequality. Their own companies employ sophisticated technologies to ensure that they can employ as few as possible, which allows them to pay their employees outlandish sums of money. The products and services they sell allow other companies to do the same. Over the decades those companies have done their best to reduce or even eliminate the world's "blue collar jobs" and are now with their so-called Artificial Intelligence attempting to do the same to global "white collar" jobs. In fact, it is likely that the Trump administration will be unable to keep its promise to return the millions of manufacturing jobs that have moved offshore during the past 40 years, because many of those jobs have been replaced by computer operated machines.How does any of that help … [Read more...]

ComCtl32 Dll Windows 7 Error Fix – Easy Solution

A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file called ComCtl32.dll provides the functionality in Windows 7 operating system to create and manage screen windows and most basic controls, such as, buttons, scrollbars, receive mouse and keyboard input and other functioning associated with the GUI part. The basic controls reside in ComCtl32.dll file, together with the common controls (Common Control Library).Microsoft Windows 7 is an operating system of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) type. It highlights the importance of this file in the smooth working of your computer. There are so many cases when this file crashes and shows an error message. For example, while browsing the files in Windows Explorer, it may suddenly crash showing an error message.We are going to discuss the ways to find a solution to this problem. Causes and solutions of this problem are:1. Replace the corrupted ComCtl32.dll file with the original version 2. ComDlg32.dll file is not registered properly 3. ComCtl32.dll is … [Read more...]

All You Ought to Know About FileZilla

Tim Kosse and two of his classmates started FileZilla as a class project in January 2001. It was initially released in February 2001. It uses the Cross-platform operating system and is written in C++ and wxWidgets. It is available in multilingual language and is of FTP client type. FTP options are used by those people who want easily manageable websites. Those owners of website who want to put in less effort and have more control as compared to other tools that build and manage websites, should use FTP options. Transferring of files from one host to another has been made easy by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The advantage of this process is that it conserves time by replacing manual updating. As of 2011, FileZilla ranks as the number 7 FTP online program most downloaded by the users. Updating, editing and removal of files has been made easy by this platform. There are five salient features of FileZilla: Comparison of Directories - The contents of various local and remote directories … [Read more...]

Fix For Windows 7 Error 720 in Your Computer

In Microsoft Windows 7, error 720 may occur while establishing a VPN connection to Windows RAS. This behavior may occur in the following cases:1. Uncommon Protocol between your Computer and RAS server 2. The Registry Entries Related to Network Settings are Corrupted 3. A Protocol is Required 4. Reinstall the TCP/ IP ProtocolUncommon Protocol between your Computer and RAS ServerTo resolve Windows 7 error 720, do below steps:1. Click Start | Control Panel. 2. Click Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Centre. 3. Click your active connection, for example, Local Area Connection 1. 4. Click Properties button in the new dialog. 5. From the Networking tab, make sure that you have the protocol that the RAS server is running. 6. Click OK | OK | Close.The Registry Entries Related to Network Settings are CorruptedThe network related settings are stored in your Registry and accessed at the time you establish a VPN connection. Windows 7 error 720 occurs due to obsolete, corrupted and … [Read more...]

How to Manage Your Computer Technology – 10 Tips for Small and Midsized Business Owners

As a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, a Certified Computer Forensics Specialist, Network and Security Consultant, Software Developer, and Data Recovery Expert, my passion for technology is undeniable. I also enjoy helping people, especially when it comes to my passion. This white paper is centered on 10 important points to keep your computer network up and running properly.1) Make sure that all important data is backed up to a Tape Drive, External Hard Drive, USB Drive or any other form of storage which can be taken off site.2) Make sure that someone in your office is responsible for frequent back-ups of your data off site.3) Constantly communicate with your collective staff about the importance of back-up storage, which includes but is not limited to data files, addresses and emails. If you are using Outlook or any other email client, ensure its content is also backed up.4) After you have verified your back-up storage, consider testing the solution and methodology. I … [Read more...]

Brand Conscious

The ultimate recognition when Bill Dedman said -Brand names are well known to business school professors, but only one professor is a brand name herself. Call her Professor Oprah. There can be no greater appreciation when one's own name becomes a brand in itself and it is accepted globally. Even our fictitious "Gabbar Singh" is a brand representing a certain quality of person, albeit stereotypical.Some brands come out to be very powerful as Sara Blakely puts it, It's the power of the brand. We've never formally advertised. I don't know if you are familiar with this snippet, Half a circle, full a circle, half a circle A. Half a circle, full a circle, right angle A. We, as kids in the late 60s used this as a brainteaser to confuse our friends, the answer to which was. This is the power of the brand when it becomes a part of everyday life.Look at the truth behind the following: *How many of us use the term "photocopy"? We mostly use "Xerox". *Do we say "search the Net"? No. we say "Google … [Read more...]

Free Fake MCSE Certificates

The MCSE certification is a hard-earned credential of the information technology specialist. Seven exams are passed to achieve this certification and there were many hours spent in the preparation for these exams. Colleges and universities offer preparatory courses to help you in study for the 70-290 exam. For those who can not attend local class. there are university courses offered online to get the information needed to prepare for the exam. Books and other materials are sold to complement these internet courses. To pass the 7-290 exam, there are seven separate tests that must be successfully passed. The preparation for this series of exams can be quite intense. Some test candidates attend camps where the immersion in the subject matter is more thorough than one can achieve in colleges or universities. In addition to the lectures and group discussions in class, there are books these programs provide to help the testing candidates be ready for the exam. The participants … [Read more...]

Windows 0x00000079 Error Fix – Repair 0x00000079 Error

Windows Error 0×00000079 is an error that occurs whenever there are setbacks in your hardware or operating system. Oftentimes, the error is encountered when you attempt to install Microsoft Windows XP onto a PC where there is an installed Windows Server 2003.What Causes This Error?Typically, the dreaded "blue screen" appears every time the error arises and the usual alert is shown like this: "STOP: 0×00000079 (0×00000003, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)MISMATCHED_HAL" The error message is defined as MISMATCHED_HAL (Mismatched Hardware Abstraction Layer) if the operating system loader called "Ntldr" used is older than the kernel of Windows Server 2003. With this, the system will find it difficult to access the files and settings that needs to be processed - as it doesn't have the capacity or resources to support the new operating system.How To Fix 0x00000079 ErrorsTo fix this issue, you have to replace the Ntldr file with a new copy from the latest version of the operating … [Read more...]

Sims 3 Keeps Crashing – Learn How to Fix This Problem

A lot of users complain that Sims 3 keeps crashing while launching or during the middle of the game. The same problem occurs while playing in Build Mod resulting in Sims 3 Black Screen and frequent Sims 3 crashes to desktop. Many a times, this happens after they install new extensions for the game.Here I am going to list-out the solutions that most gamers have tried and started enjoying playing the game without any problems:1. Ensure Minimum Requirements2. Update Video Card, Sound Card and Motherboard Drivers3. Disable your Antivirus Software4. Fix the Registry Issues5. Run Sims 3 in Window Mode6. Overheating Video Cards7. Update DirectX8. Remove Custom Contents9. Clear Sims 3 Cache10. Reinstall Sims 311. Restore the System to an Earlier StateEnsure Minimum RequirementsMake sure your computer satisfy the following minimum requirements for the Sims 3 game. If your Sims 3 keeps crashing then it may be due to the unmet system requirements to play the game.Windows XPØ 2.0 GHz P4 processor … [Read more...]

What is a Vulnerability Assessment & Why Do I Need One?

Vulnerability Assessments are intended to be instruments that identify real risks with some type of reliable, objective process leading to the targeted dedication of resources toward the protection of critical assets. More specifically, these are assets, which if degraded or destroyed would effectively halt operations for an extended period of time - or worse yet - altogether.There is one large problem. There are so many versions of these types of assessments that it can become overwhelming and confusing to the consumer. Let's take a look at what is out there.Traditional Risk Vulnerability AssessmentHistorically, Risk Vulnerability Assessments have tended to examine only structural elements, such as buildings, facilities and infrastructure. Engineering analyses of the built environment would effectively determine the following: • The vulnerability of structures based on the building type. • The construction materials. • The foundation type and elevation. • The … [Read more...]