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Network Support

Modern Computer Networking and Its Importance For Business

Computer networking is the connecting of two or more computers that allows them to share resources. It can be done between computers in a home, in a business, across a corporation, and even internationally. It can equally be defined as a method of connecting two or more computer systems together including printers and other devices. The benefits of networking are considerable, even on a network of only three systems. In computer networking there was never a truer statement than that this is a case of advantages experienced being far greater than the sum of the parts. PC networking is, as a consequence, a rapidly evolving discipline with many exciting opportunities. Challenges that arise in networking and particularly in the Internet tend to be truly global and have the potential to impact upon millions of users. One huge and growing impact is Internet shopping. Shopping online has grown over the last 10 years to become a huge market, and if a sales business does not today … [Read more...]

What Does a CCNA Do?

Whenever I recommend the CCNA training to any IT person, this is inevitably the first question that I get asked. Many people get out of college with their CIS degree and really do not know what they want to get into. Some of the lucky ones get in an IT leadership program at a large company, but others still need direction to determine which side of the IT business they want to be on. As far as I'm concerned, those that have an interest in support and project based work may enjoy network support. However, the question always arising as to what exactly does that mean? What does a CCNA do when they get into the office in the morning? This article will address these questions so you can get a better feel if the CCNA certification is something you would be interested in. The last thing you want is to spend the time and money to become a CCNA and not enjoy the types of jobs you will be qualified for. There are many paths a CCNA can take and it is difficult to know which one you … [Read more...]


Orange County Computer Repair Service has been a Team Leader, Project Manager, and Network Administrator/Engineer par excellence for a long time now. We have had the rare opportunity to face the challenge of, and excelling in being the sole IT support personnel for the security, repair, installation, migration, reconfiguration and maintenance of large scale Windows and Novell networks with user bases ranging from 5 to 8000. We utilize all this knowledge and experience to deliver the following services to our current clients: Network & Systems Administration We at Orange County Computer Repair Service, treat network administration as a crucial business enabling function rather than just an auxiliary support activity. Apart from network traffic monitoring, devices and components management, and thorough testing of all associated applications and programs, we can fine tune your business output and provide you with an edge over competitors by optimizing the performance of your servers … [Read more...]

Computer Repair Experts Orange County (714)975-3656

Computer Repair Experts Orange County (714)975-3656 20 Years Of Certified, Guaranteed, Computer Repair, Computer Support And Computer Service Experience Onsite In Orange County (714)975-3656 Computer repair, computer service, computer support, computer consultants, IT, tech support, virus removal, web design, SEO, onsite, Orange County, California An example of the experienced information technology professional you will receive onsite from us:   SUMMARY: Twenty years of Network Engineering hands on experience, with a demonstrated ability to quickly learn and integrate new technology in a variety of industries Proven expertise in various network including Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows networks. Proven success in implementing management, operations, technical and interpersonal skills to increase productivity, reliability and teamwork to benefit the company Team Lead, Project Manager, IT Manager, Network Administrator, Network Engineer and sole IT support for … [Read more...]