Fixing Computer Slow Downs

A computer runs slow because of a couple of reasons that may occur during its life time. A computer can go out of sufficient memory to perform a particular, especially a heavy task assigned to it. It can be a host of a couple of malicious software like a virus or a worm that eat up most of the memory of the computer and does not let any other application use the memory to complete its task. Most users wonder "how to make my computer faster than it is now" as they are not actually able to figure out the actual problem which slows down their computer. It is very important for a user to figure out the cause which is slowing down their computer and hence they are not able to fix the problem properly.

The most common reason because of which most computers in the world become slow is the windows registry problem. The windows registry is said to contain the information about all the application programs stored in the system. On deleting an application from the system, the keys related to that particular application automatically get deleted from the windows registry. But sometimes due to some error like insufficient amount of memory or abrupt power cut, the system is not able to delete the keys related to the deleted application. As a result of this, the memory allocated to the deleted application is blocked and no other application can access that memory for completing their tasks.

This slows down the computer to a great extent. The only solution to this anomaly is to install a registry cleaner tool in the system. The cleaner tool scans the registry for any damaged or unwanted registry keys. It then cleans the registry by removing all the unwanted keys and repairing all the damaged registry keys. After the cleaning work has been done, the registry cleaner saves the work done in a log and presents it to the user. It also creates a back of the registry before performing any task for safety purposes. This boosts the performance of the system to an absolutely new level.

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