How to Remove AV360 Instantly From Your Computer

So your computer has been infected by AV360. You can call it AV360, Antivirus 360, A360, or 360 Antivirus and they are one same big problem. Performing an AV360 Removal is not easy and requires a lot of computer knowledge. However after reading this article you will surely know what exactly you should do. There are two ways of removing AV360 from your system. If you are sure that your computer is only infected by Antivirus 360 then you should try the first option. Normally AV360 will come with many other spywares. In this case you need to follow the second procedure.

Manual AV360 Removal

The first option to get rid of AV360 is by manually removing AV360 components all at once. However you should remember that manual removal is actually not safe and I personally do not recommend this. The main problem about Antivirus 360 is its ability to regenerate itself. This is why manual removals are not very popular.

Before you start deleting AV360 components you need to kill AV360 process. You can do this by accessing Task Manager and going to the second Tab.

To manually remove AV360 you need to delete the following files:
C: Program FilesA360
C: Program FilesA360av360.exe
% UserProfile% Application DataMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick LaunchAntivirus 360.lnk
% UserProfile% DesktopAntivirus 360.lnk
% UserProfile% Start MenuAntivirus 360
% UserProfile% Start MenuAntivirus 360Antivirus 360.lnk
% UserProfile% Start MenuAntivirus 360Help.lnk
% UserProfile% Start MenuAntivirus 360Registration.lnk

Also make sure that you delete all AV360 folders including A360 and Antivirus 360.

After you are done deleting those files you need to restart the system and check If Antivirus 360 still persists. If it does reappear or another spyware appears then your system has been badly infected. In this case you need to resort to the second option.

Remove AV360 Safely

The safest and most viable way to remove AV360 is by using a spyware removal tool. Program assisted removal will make sure that Antivirus 360 and other spywares are permanently removed and that is the most important thing. Some spyware removal tools will even restore infected system files. This is important since system files are needed by windows to run properly and they are often infected by spywares.

To remove AV360 using spyware removal tool or antispyware all you need to do is to download them and scan your computer. After antispyware finished scanning your system click clean to let it remove AV360 and other spywares. In the future your antispyware will automatically protect you from spywares and you can browse the internet safely.

Source by Daly Coleman

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