Wondering "Why is My Computer Slow?" Understand the Causes and How to Speed ​​Up Your Computer

If you are struggling to improve productivity and wondering – why is my computer slow? This article could help demystify some of the common causes for this problem.

Cause # 1 – A critical part of your windows based computer is the registry file. The registry is like a database repository that has information about files, software, hardware, preferences and many other settings. The process of installing and removing software applications can easily make the registry file messy leading to decreased performance and many other problems like blue screen, dll errors, freezing and crashes.

If you continue to use your computer without fixing problems in the registry then the size of the registry keeps growing and the performance of your computer will continue to degrade on a continuous basis. And at some point of time your PC will come to a complete halt.

Cause # 2 – The use of internet has reached such proportions that we do not buy music or videos on physical compact disk anymore. We download most of the stuff from the internet. This results in a large number of files getting stored on your computer occupying large space. Very rarely we remove the music and video files to free up hard disk space. Over a period of time your hard disk gets filled and this leads to slow speed and crashing.

Cause # 3 – Another major impact of internet browsing is the installation of malicious code automatically without your knowledge. Many of these malicious programs manipulate the registry on your computer so that it behaves in a certain fashion. This again leads to slow speed and malfunctioning of your computer leaving you wondering why is my computer slow.

Cause # 4 – Another major cause for slow speed and improper functioning of your computer is improper installation and removal of software applications. Many install and uninstall programs are coded poorly and they do not remove all the bits and pieces of the software package completely. Many times this results in left over entries in the registry also. These left over entries can play havoc with your PC and bring it to a complete halt.

All or some of the above causes may be the factors that are impacting your productivity. There are a few ways for fixing this problem. The first method is to manually correct the registry file. However this can be a daunting task. The second option is to purchase a good quality registry repair software and free yourself from worrying – why is my computer slow? Most of the quality products handle the scanning and correction of registry in an automated fashion after the initial setup.

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