We are not the average high school geeks you get when you call most places for computer repair service. We are highly-skilled senior network engineers with IT degrees, certifications and twenty years experience in the computer industry:

Gregory Masley CNE, CNA, MCSE Resume


Twenty years of Network Engineering hands on experience, with a demonstrated ability to quickly learn and integrate new technology in a variety of industries

Proven expertise in various network including Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows networks.

Proven expertise in large scale network, wireless and cloud-based network build-outs and migrations

Proven success in implementing management, operations, technical and interpersonal skills to increase productivity, reliability and teamwork to benefit the company

Team Lead, Project Manager, IT Manager, Network Administrator, Network Engineer and sole IT support for security, repair, installation, migration, reconfiguration and maintenance of large-scale Windows and Novell networks ranging from 5 users to over 8000 users

Hands on experience in Wireless Networking, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Optical Networking, Switching/Bridging (VLAN, Spanning Tree), VPNs, LAN/WAN/MAN, TCP/IP Protocol, IP Addressing and Subnetting, IP Access Lists, Routing Protocols, Token Ring, ATM, Frame Relay, HP OpenView NNM, Cisco Works for Switched Internetworks, Resource Manager Essentials, Cisco Security Management Center (PIX, IDS), Microsoft Visio, WebNM, IBM compatible computers, Windows 2008/2003/2000/7/Vista/NT/XP, Remote Desktop Management, Microsoft Office 2010/2007/2003/2000/XP, Norton, Remedy, Compupic Pro, Network Security and MicroStation (95/SE/J/8)

Active Directory migrations 2003 to 2008

Hands on experience with Cisco 2600/3600/4000/7200/7500 series routers, Cisco Catalyst 1900/2900/5000/5500 series switch, Cisco 3550 Multilayer Switch, Cisco PIX Firewall, Cisco IDS 515E, CAD/CAM Systems, Netopia Routers, Sonicwall, IBM Compatible Workstations and Servers and Printers

Hands on experience with Microsoft Windows Enterprise Server, Office 365, Small Business Server and Workstation NT through 2008, Active Directory, Novell 3.1-6.0, UNIX, SCOM, SCCM, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Citrix, Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, AutoCAD, MAPICS, Rhumba Reflections and ISA Server, Active Directory migrations 2003 to 2008

Programming experience in Visual Basic, Basic, COBOL, FORTRAN, SQL, HTML, Wordpress, CSS, DreamWeaver, Oracle and DBASE

MCSE, CNA, and CNE Certified

United States Department Of Defense SECRET Security Clearance 2005


Networking: Wireless Networking

10/100/1000 Ethernet

Optical Networking

Parsed Cloud

Switching/Bridging (VLAN, Spanning Tree)


TCP/IP Protocol

IP Addressing and Subnetting

IP Access Lists, Routing Protocols

Token Ring, ATM

Frame Relay

HP OpenView NNM

Cisco Works for Switched Internetworks

Resource Manager Essentials

Cisco Security Management Center (PIX, IDS)

Microsoft Visio


IBM compatible computers

Windows Enterprise Server, Small Business Server and Workstation 2008/2003/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7

Exchange 5.5/2000/2003/2007/2010

Remote Desktop Management

Microsoft Office 2010/2003/2000/XP

Windows 95/98/Vista/XP/7



Compupic Pro

Network Security


(95/SE/J/8) HP Openview

OSPF,BGP,VLAN,IPSEC, routing and bridging protocols

Citrix XenApp



Cisco 2600/3600/4000/7200/7500 series routers

Cisco Catalyst 1900/2900/5000/5500 series switch

Cisco 3550 Multilayer Switch

Cisco PIX Firewall

Cisco IDS 515E

CAD/CAM Systems

Netopia Routers


IBM compatible Workstations and Servers



Microsoft Windows Servers (all versions) NT 3.51 through 2008 R2

Microsoft Windows Desktop (all versions) Windows 95 through Windows 7

Novell 3.1-6.0


Parsed Cloud

Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010

SharePoint 2007/2010

SQL Server 2005/2008

Lotus Notes

Microsoft Office XP/2000/2003/2007/2010/365

Word Perfect




Rhumba Reflections

ISA Server RAID Storage Devices SAN Storage Devices


Active Directory

Citrix XenApp



Visual Basic, Basic




Oracle and DBASE







California State University Fullerton

· Novell Certified Network Administration and

· Engineering Program – Graduated in the top 10% of the JTPA Grant Class of 93

· BS – Computer Science 1997


CNE – Certified Novell Network Engineer 1993

CNA – Certified Novell Network Administrator 1992

MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 1997


Senior Computer Network Consultant - Masley and Associates - Owner

Orange County, CA Jan 1994 to Present

Senior Network Consultant (Masley & Associates)

Lynx Grills, Downey, CA

Feb 2013 - April 2015

· Lead network technical support engineer onsite for 70 user network reconfiguration and move from Commerce California to Downey California with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL 2008, Navision, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Security First Corporation, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Sep 2011 – Feb 2013

· Built and tested over 20 new Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Servers with Microsoft Exchange 2010 in DAG failover clusters and SQL and SharePoint with Active Directory configurations from scratch to test Security First Corporation’s SPX Connect and BitFiler Encryption Software with and documented and reported findings, as well as Office 365, VmWare and Citrix Xenapp

· Built and tested new encrypted Cloud Based Parsed Cloud Secure network encrypted Cloud network environment

· Active Directory migrations 2003 to 2008

· Network Engineer responsible for system configuration, communications, and installation of hardware, operating systems, and software applications in multiple client locations

· Design, instillation, and maintenance of all computer networks for major Southern California and Colorado companies including:JNIC Missile Defense Agency Schreiver Air Force Base Department Of Defense, Net Solutions, Planet Network, Analysts International, Accucode, Capitol Records, Unihealth Insurance, Fuji Bank, UNOCOL 76, and Price Company

· Performed nationwide wireless network upgrade for The Sports Authority and Gart Sports on multi-tier network with over 1000 users.

· Migrated St. Joseph’s Hospital from Novell to Windows 2000 Server with Exchange 2000 on multi-site network with over 2000 users.

· Migrated Anaheim Memorial Hospital from Windows 98, NT Server, and Exchange 5.5 to Windows XP, 2000 Server, and Exchange 2000 on multi-site network with over 4000 users.

· Designed and documented data and voice networks from the ground up.

· Trained customers and managers on system capabilities and usage.

· Website programming in CSS, HTML, Wordpress and Dreamweaver

Aug 2010 - Sep 2011 Network Consultant- EdgeMac Finance, Anaheim, CA (Masley & Associates)

Jul 2009 – Aug 2010 Network Consultant- Microtek, Anaheim, CA (Masley & Associates)

Jun 2008 – Jul 2009 IT Manager - Bert Howe & Associates, Anaheim, CA (Masley & Associates)

Consolidated List of Duties/Roles

· Edge Mac Finance:

Moved, reconfigured and supported sixty user network with Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 Servers, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professional, as well as VmWare and Citrix Xenapp. Active Directory migrations 2003 to 2008

· Microtek-Bert Howe & Associates:

Reconfigured and supported sixty user network with Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 Servers, SCOM, SCCM, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professional, as well as VmWare and Citrix Xenapp. Active Directory migrations 2003 to 2008

2GWLAN Engineer (Masley & Associates)

Peterson Air Force Base/ Luke Air Force Base

May 2005 – Jun 2008

· Designed and implemented 2GWLAN system for both Air forcebases

· Worked with Aruba Controllers, Aruba Access Points, RADIUS and TACACS Servers, and used Motorola LAN Planner, VmWare and Citrix Xenapp to do the design

· Configured and tested all necessary network platforms under extreme time constraints resulting in successful customer acceptance of required test bed network

· Active Directory migrations 2003 to 2008

· Established network security measures in order to support defense agency accreditation for The Department Of Defense at Schreiver Air Force Base JNIC Missile Defense Agency

· Recommended and implemented network wide security management solution, including Firewall policies and configuration, router access-lists, and agent based network monitoring

Lead Network Engineer (Masley & Associates)

St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA

Apr 2003 – May 2005

· Primary support and lead Novell Network migration specialist for multi-site 500 user Novell Network, as well as VmWare and Citrix Xenapp

Lead Network Engineer (Masley & Associates)

Network Planet, Beverly Hills, CA

Mar 2001- Apr 2003

· Primary support for Novell Networks, VmWare and Citrix Xenapp at Fortune 500 law firms in Los Angeles, California

Lead Network Engineer (Masley & Associates)

Network Solutions, Tustin, CA

Feb 1999 – Mar 2001

· Primary support for Novell, Microsoft Networks, VmWare and Citrix Xenapp at Fortune 500 companies in Orange County, California

· Network Engineer responsible for system configuration, communications, and installation of hardware, operating systems, and software applications

· Installed and maintained entire computer networks for major Southern California companies including:Mellon Financial, Mallinckrodt Medical, Shiley Medical, AJS Accounting Service, Online Connecting Point, Sandpiper Computer, Nadek, ARC, Farmers Insurance, Classic Homes, Horizon, Qualtek Manufacturing, Powell Manufacturing, RL Holdings, COACT, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Anaheim Memorial Medical Center, Computer Support Network and Manpower Technical

· Performed nationwide wireless network upgrade for The Sports Authority and Gart Sports on multi-tier network with over 1000 users

· Migrated St. Joseph’s Hospital from Novell and Lotus Notes to Windows 2000 Server with Exchange 2000 on multi-site network with over 2000 users

· Migrated Anaheim Memorial Hospital from Windows 98, NT Server, and Exchange 5.5 to Windows XP, 2000 Server, and Exchange 2000 on multi-site network with over 4000 users in Active Directory

· Designed and documented data and voice networks from the ground up.

· Trained customers and managers on system capabilities and usage

· Performed Systems Administration on Windows Servers and Clients for Local and Wide Area Networks

· Recommended and implemented network wide security management solution, including Firewall policies and configuration, router access-lists, and agent based network monitoring

· Administered and supported Citrix network environment for Classic Homes including building new Citrix servers and load balancing, as well as VmWare and Citrix Xenapp

Network Administrator (Masley & Associates)

Mallinckrodt Medical, Irvine, CA

Jan 1994 To Feb 1999

· Sole onsite IT support for 400 user network

· Managed all aspects of several network implementations including network planning, design, testing, documentation, deployment and maintenance of Novell and Windows based network systems

· Responsible for complete support, installation, maintenance and training for all network and system components

· Developed training and support plans for 400 user network

· Lead effort to migrate Novell based Microsoft and Lotus Notes servers with upgraded Windows NT based Exchange Servers to Active Directory. Included development and implementation of plan to provide remote access to e-mail and database servers via Windows NT RAS

· Administered Windows NT, Back Office, Exchange, RAS, AS400s, Lotus Notes, MAPICS, JD Edwards, Rhumba and Reflections, as well as VmWare and Citrix Xenapp


17440 Bushard Street

Fountain Valley, California 92708






1. Engaged in providing remote desktop and network support.

2. Addressed service requests and tickets through BMC Remedy Ticketing System.

3. Administered and Troubleshooting Desktops, Servers (Windows 2003 and 2008), local area networks (LANs).

4. Handled network monitoring through RMM tools like Kaseya and Solarwinds Spiceworks. Also took care of agent setup and monitor settings to ensure relevancy.

5. Administered Google Apps, setup email policies for controlled and well monitored emailing system.

6. Administered Office 365 using basic powershell commands.

7. Managed user LAN accounts using the active directory.

8. Conducted scheduled maintenance activities for network infrastructure.

9. Managed web filtering using Dell Sonicwall NSA.

10. Troubleshoot VPN connections.



1. Provided Technical Support to international customers.

2. Setup and Configuration of Wireless Routers.

3. Setting up Network Security on Wired / Wireless Routers.

4. Setup and Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Exchange and POP.

5. Network Monitoring using Kaseya Traverse.

6. Ticketing through Connectwise PSA.



1. Handling Premium Queue and Escalated tickets related to Desktop Management.

2. Analyzing escalated cases and giving feedback to respective agents so that the number of invalid escalation can be decreased and FCR and RR %age can be increased.

3. Acted as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for issues related to windows operating systems and MS Outlook.

4. Experienced in handling issues with operating systems, email clients, wireless networks, routers, switches, printers, and optimization of computer and network performance.

5. Creating and sharing weekly and monthly reports with the Team and the Management.

6. Ranked as a Key Contributor.


1. Diagnosing technical issues and providing a relevant Action Plan to mentee, so that we can provide an outstanding technical support and excellent customer service.

2. Handling Calls and provide remote sessions and action plans to mentees.

3. Self assessment of data to know the points, where improvement is required.

4. Following quality standards set by the quality management team.


1. Handling Calls and Remote Sessions.

2. Providing Technical Support for personal computer and SOHO networks.

3. Handled BSOD and Network related issues.

4. Setting up routers, switches, VOIP phones and print servers.




1. Providing technical support and managing user accounts in a B2B process.

2. Troubleshooting Desktops , Laptops , Networks , of AIG, USA.

3. Providing Dameware Support (Remote Support) to Users.

4. Assigning Tickets (jobs) to other departments of AIG Technologies using Remedy Incident Management System.

5. Troubleshooting their applications like, Mainframe, LDAP, Web Apps etc

6. Managing LAN accounts using Microsoft Active Directory.

7. Using Microsoft Management Console and providing User Rights.

8. Troubleshooting Microsoft Office , Outlook and MS Exchange.

9. Managing SAP.

10. Troubleshooting of VPN Connections.


| Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Year 2010

| Diploma in Information Technology






Professional Summary

Twenty-five + years multi-facet technical.with strong skill sets in a broad base of arenas contributing to the formation of global IT business application strategies, competencies with experience in multiple disciplines that can define scalable solutions to support rapid growth in information systems, telecom, networking, security, and end-user support, these include but are not limited to: Server / Workstation Builds, Builds Verification, Deployment, project management, development and implementation of systems/network design. Experience, knowledge and expertise in defining business requirements and developing appropriate solutions. Objective, bottom line oriented with demonstrated ability to facilitate alignment of corporate goals and objectives to performance within established time frames with the ability to adapt to frequent changes to technology and requirements in fast paced environments.


Masley Associates 8/2000 – Present – Orange County, CA.

Þ Information Technology Manager / Projects Manager specializing in providing businesses with full on-site technical management, support and evolution by the direction of IT applications and implementations.

Recent projects include, Bank of America Southern California branch locations providing architecture, design and optimization expertise for technology components that comprise the company's network environments with complete technical reorganization including but not limited to; site survery, inventory, Visio presentations, relocation and replacement of all operational equipment including but not limited to; computer, printers, faxes, phones, etc., and networking of the aforementioned. Installation of new hardware and software, providing bank employees with training of new equipment, hardware, software in alignment with the Banks policies and procedures in established timeframes.

Þ Provides architecture, design and optimization expertise for technology components that comprise the client company's Network environments. Network Engineering supporting missions critical to business operations systems. Contributing to the evolution of the overall IT department(s) through programs of improvement, new processes and change within various platforms on multiple projects. Researches and evaluate emerging technology for future applications. Provides consulting and advisory services related to strategy development, project preparation and planning. Responsible for development and management of budgets, determining project scope, liaising between clients and staff throughout project lifecycle, and ensuring objectives were met. Responsible for technical support for off-site integration projects with various clients. Provides leadership for technical aspects of implementation activities performed by internal and external resources

Þ Sets up, configure, and support internal and/or external networks. Develop and maintain systems, applications, security, and network configurations. Troubleshoot network and system performance issues and develop disaster recovery plan. Recommendation of upgrades, patches, and new applications and equipment. Provide direct technical support and guidance to users. NOTE: Dell Reseller.

Þ Directed centralization of Orange Coast Community College IT Department into a new central database and network; project included backup and back-out procedures, validation of database integrity, and physical movement of server data.

Þ Knowledge and Experience including but not limited to: Windows NT, 2000, 2003, and 2008 Servers including, AD (Active Directory), DNS, DCHP, WINS, file and print services. Microsoft IIS 4/5/6/7, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7/2000/2005/2008 , Microsoft Terminal Server, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 including SMTP and POP3 configurations. Veritas Backup Exec or other and Enterprise-specific network based backup solution. Trend Micro, Norton Antivirus, McAfee, Symantec products in a corporate environment. SonicWall Firewall / VPN.Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Professional. Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 Professional. FoxPro, Visio. Desktop/Enterprise PDA/Phone experience. Office Communications Server, Virus and Spam prevention, Managing backups, Disaster recovery testing. Well-versed in Microsoft Applications and Operating Systems, Citrix, Internet, desktop and Server setup and configuration, LAN, WAN, Active Directory, DNS, Email, TCP/IP, Wiring, Applications, Virus Removal, and general computer skills.




BP Amoco Corporation, Amoco Oil Corporation/British Petroleum Company p.l.c. 2/1992 – 8/2000 – Cleveland, OH.

Senior Project/Department Manager, reporting directly to Western Hemisphere IT Director of Manufacturing and Supply.

Þ Senior Project Manager for Terminals and Pipelines, for one of the world’s largest oil and petrochemical enterprise with global operations in more than 70 countries, whose corporate merger represented the world’s largest ever-industrial merger. Lead the migration of applications from a Novell environment into Microsoft server set to accomate SAP application integration.

Þ Senior Project/Department Manager, reporting directly to Western Hemisphere IT Director of Manufacturing and Supply.

Þ Senior Project Manager of Development, Installation and Deployment of Nationwide On-board Computer Logistics Tracking System, directly and solely managing a departmental staff of 20+ programmers and analysts, in the integration of legacy systems into the new ISP Accounting Architecture as initiated by the merger/buyout of Amoco Oil Corporation and British Petroleum Company, through the utilization of RDBMS application sets of Oracle, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Access, Visual Basic, C, C++, Front Page, Java, ASP, CGI, HTML, XML, SQL and all Microsoft Office products. Designed disaster recovery and backup methodologies.

Þ Senior Project Manager for the Design and Development for the new National On-line Intranet Pipeline Metered Ticket Database. Directly and solely managing a departmental staff of 15+ programmers and analysts in the replacement of non Y2K compliant COBOL applications through the utilization of RDBMS application sets of Oracle, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Access, Visual Basic, C, C++, Front Page, Java, ASP, CGI, HTML, XML, SQL and all Microsoft Office products.

On Line Communications, Inc. 3/1992 - 2/1994

Project Lead/Senior Programmer, reporting directly to company owners.

Þ Project Lead/Senior Programmer for a full service Information Technology Company providing consulting and training to clients with a wide variety software and hardware platforms. Responsibilities include but not limited to: LAN configuration and installation with development of system requirements, technical specifications, implementation and integration of business applications, business process design and analysis, project planning and delivery management.

Þ Directly responsible for the management of a departmental staff of 8+ programmers and analysts, in the implementation of new client systems as well as providing support to maintain and upgrade existing legacy systems, migrating customers to a client/server based technologies.


Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH - Computer Science and Technology,

Skills: Operating Systems (Including but not limited to):

· Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 / 2003 / 2000

· Windows 7, Vista, XP.

· SQL Server 2008 / 2005 / 2000

· SQL and relational database design and implementation

· Microsoft Visual Studio including IIS 7, IIS6

· Unicode and International Issues

· VBScript and HTML, MS Access and VBA

· CDO, Active Messaging and MAPI

· Norton, Symantec, McAfee, MS Office Suite, MS Project, ASP.NET

Operating Systems (including but not limited to):

Workstation OSs: DOS, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista, Microsoft NT/2000/2003/XPVista

Server OSs: Windows 2000-2007, SBS 2008

Network Software: IIS, MS Exchange Server, MS SQL, UNIX knowledge.

Networking (including but not limited to):

Network Protocols: LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, VPN, VoIP

Extensive knowledge and experience in planning and installation of network media and components such as cabling, hubs, switches, remote access equipment, routers and phone systems.

Patrick Andersen





I am an IT Professional with 12 years experience in troubleshooting and instructional functionality leading troubleshooting teams in a structured environment. I have demonstrated leadership abilities and flexibility while performing assigned tasks. Due to the environment in which I performed my duties, I was able to enhance and further develop my interpersonal skills as I dealt with people from various ethnic backgrounds. I am independent, self-motivated, a strong communicator, and skilled in a wide range of technical abilities including:

· Network Administration

· Network Configuration

· Hardware Implementation

· Hardware Management

· OS Management

· Software Application Integration

Professional Experience

DirecTV (Roth Staffing) El Segundo, CA (05/2012-present)

Title: Operations Support / Desktop Support Analyst

· Migrate 3000+ systems from xp to windows 7 using Altiris Management Console.

· Performed remote installs of windows 7 along with office 2010.

· Assisted with fixing defective hardware and installation of new laptops & desktops.

· Providing additional support for users needing RSA SecurID Soft tokens, Cisco VPN Access, Connecting to the domain wirelessly. Setting up network printers.and resetting Active Directory Accounts.

Security First Corp (Masley Associates) Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (03/2012 03/2012)

Title: Linux Systems Administrator

· Administer and configure RedHat Linux and Ubuntu version 9.

· Maintained active raid encryption setup for Spx Bitfiler.

· Setup Network File Shares and iScsi Target to work with amazon cloud services.

Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP (Teksystems) Los Angeles, CA (10/2011 11/2011)

Title: Desktop Support Analyst

· Configuration of applications Interwoven, Deltaview, LiveNote, Casesoft.

· Setup new computers on Domain with correct company profile.

· Imaging workstations using Symantec Ghostcast Server

· Migrating 500+ users from iManage Document Management System 6.0 to 8.5 rollout.

DirecTV (Roth Staffing) El Segundo, CA (08/2011-08/2011)

Title: Operations Support / Desktop Support Analyst

· Migrated 600 users for SAP rollout using Altiris.

· Performed remote installs and troubleshooting of Desktop workplace.

· Assisted with fixing defective hardware and installation of new equipment.

· Used Altiris Asset management to track infrastructure equipment throughout the company.

TimeWarner Cable (Teksystems) Cerritos, CA (03/2010-02/2011)

Title: Tech Support Technician / Customer Care

· Troubleshooting high-end technical support related issues and providing customer service to businesses high-speed internet, digital phone, and video customers.

· Maintain accurate tracking of problems/issues in Remedy, CSG, and other IT systems.

· Provided general information inquiries regarding pricing, service, and/or installation.

· Report and document service outages to Network Operations Center.

· Authenticated DVR’s and Cable modems to access internet and media content.

Kirkland & Ellis LLP (Teksystems) Los Angeles, CA (10/2009-11/2009)

Title: Desktop Technician

· For this short-term project, performed QA processing and imaged and deployed approximately 200+ computers Patched and reboot users’ desktop and laptops using Altiris.

· Imaged Laptops and Desktops using Altiris.

· Setup and configuration of iManage Document Management System, MS Office 2007 Including Outlook profile, MS Word 2007 attorney templates along with DeltaView, Interwoven, LiveNote and CaseSoft applications.

Capital Group (Teksystems) Los Angeles, CA (2/2008-7/2009)

Title: Helpdesk Analyst / Technology Support Representative

· Provided phone support for Investment & Service center locations worldwide.

· Patched and reboot users’ desktop and laptops using Altiris.

· Performed remote installation and configuration through MIST & Altiris Software Portal.

· Provided remote assistance using Netsupport and IBM Sametime Connect.

· Setup and created RSA SecurID user accounts with access to RSA soft token.

· Administered and configured Novell Netware and object trees, migrating from novell to Windows Active Directory.

· Assisted end-users with Novell, NT, Business Objects, SAP Sourcetime and Lotus Notes R6 & 8.5 along with MS Office, Adobe Acrobat support Cisco Unity.

· Created tickets using Remedy along with tracking ARMS requests.

· Supported over 10,000 applications

· Configured Mainframe user sessions with access to job queues.

3M Unitek (Teksystems) Monrovia, CA (8/2007-12/2007)

Title: Helpdesk Analyst / Desktop Support

· Provided phone support for over 400 local and remote office users.

· Installation and configuration of corporate desktops and laptops running Windows XP.

· Support using emote assistance software dameware NT utilities and landesk.

· Assisted end users with AS400 reset of Mainframe sessions and accounts

· Configured and troubleshooted Lotus Notes 6.5.

· Utilized Visual help desk for creating and tracking incidents and dispatches.

Global Investment Management Los Angeles, CA (11/2006-8/2007)

Title: Systems Administrator

· Provided phone support for remote office users.

· Created local network for intranet usage.

· Assisted with creating ATM terminal reports and flowcharts.

· Programmed Tranax Triton based machines.

· Utilized atmassist for monitoring and tracking ATM terminals.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (Obedia) Culver City, CA (06/2006-11/2006)

Title: Systems Engineer

· Provided desktop support for MAC OSX and Windows 2K & XP based environments.

· Supported Lotus Notes version 5.5 through 6.5 backup and profile relocation.

· Setup and assisted with APPLE X-SAN layout and deployment.

· Maintained IBM Bladecenter & X-series & Dell PowerEdge servers.

· Configured and setup RAID Arrays

· Utilized web helpdesk for placing and monitoring tickets.

· Updated web helpdesk and performed routine backups using MAC OSX.

Warner Bros (TurnerTechtronics) Burbank, CA (11/2004-3/2006)

Title: Senior Helpdesk Analyst

· Provided Desktop Support for 5000+ end users.

· Setup and administer users in Active Directory Sessions accounts on the domain.

· Administered Mainframe user sessions and restarted batch job queues

· Utilized remote utilities such as SMS, Apple Remote Desktop, and PcAnywhere.

· Provided support for all versions of Microsoft Office Suite including Macs ranging from versions Versions 2000-2003 & Office 2004 type applications

· Utilized Remedy ticket tracking system to effectively monitor and resolve an average of 30 calls per day.

· Performed troubleshooting on Citrix VPN end user issues.

· Setup administered RSA SecurID user accounts.

DSL Extreme Canoga Park, CA (2/2004-12/2004)

Title: DSL Technician & Tier 3 Technical support

· Provided support for over 15,000+ users nationwide.

· Assisted customers with network/DSL configuration.

· Help end users Install/uninstall software/hardware, on Macs running OSX and PC’s on windows 2000 & XP.

· Utilized Magic ticketing system used by SBC AT&T along with platypus.

· Provided Tier 1-3 phone support.

· Maintained and screened phone calls to appropriate queues,

· created DSL profiles with the ISP Verizon, ASI SBC

Computer Circulation Center Pomona, CA (1/2003-3/2003)

Title: Computer Sales Associate/Technician

· Performed as a salesman selling Pc’s, Macs and computer related items including hardware and software.

· Served as a computer technician providing: diagnostic testing, repairing computers, Mac G3-G4 towers and laptops Macbook, as well as customizing computers per request.

Citrus College Glendora, CA (8/2002-12/2002)

Title: Assistant Instructor

· Assisted recording instructor in tutoring as well as corrected daily tests, assigned homework, answered any question from students and faculty.

Pasadena City College Pasadena, CA (4/2000-8/2001)

Title: Instructional Computing Aid

· Administered tutorials in pc usage, software troubleshooting, virus management including removal and installation of anti-virus, repaired dot-matrix printers and also set up print servers

Trmc Systems Pasadena, CA (1/2000-2/2006)

Title: Computer Consultant/Network Specialist

· Build custom personal computers water-cooled or thermal cooled

· Upgrade existing systems including laptops APPLE, SONY, HP, DELL, Macs G3 G4 and G5 towers and Macbooks.

· Install custom software for Digital Audio Workstations, High end video editing stations. Also installing Virus Removal applications such as Symantec, Avast, Avira, AVG, Panda, TrendMicro, and Sophos.

· Provided wired / wireless networking environments and configurations of print servers, routers, and wireless access points and audio & video streaming.

· Provide one on one training sessions with clients including visual and audio tutorials.


Citrus College / Glendora, CA

July 2002 - August 2004

Recording Arts Academy (certified by the AES- Audio Engineering Society) with $10-million state-of-the-art recording studio.

Courses: Survey of Recording Technology; Electronics; Music Fundamentals, Networking Technologies, Network Operating Systems.

Pasadena City College / Pasadena, CA

Jan. - July 2002

CIS Studies (Computer Information Systems)

Courses: Networks & Communications; Microcomputer Hardware, Software & Evaluation; Windows NT Workstation; Network Design & Internet Working Fundamentals; Introduction to Information Systems, Cisco Certified Network Associate.

May 1999 - Dec. 2000

Telecommunications Major - Major GPA: 3.8; Dean's Honors List

Advanced Telecom Courses: Audio Controls Laboratory; Radio Operations; Video Controls Laboratory; Advanced Audio Recording Techniques; Multi-Channel Recording Techniques.

Other Related Courses: Internet & Web-Based Information Resources; Music Business; Electronics; Photography.

Special Skills and Training

Windows NT Configuration, Administration and Support (Server and Workstation)

Network, Server and PC Configuration, Administration (local and remote) Diagnostics and Support, Application Integration and Customization, End User Training and Support

Hardware: AMD - Pentium II-IV (Most Macintosh iMac, G3,G4, G5)Dot Matrix through Color Laser Printers, HP LaserJet and Inkjets RAID Disk Arrays. Operating Systems: DOS (2.2 and later), Windows (95/98 ME. 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7), Mac. OS’s 7-9, OSX (10.1-10.6) and LINUX.

Network Environments: TCP/IP (routed and translated for Internet access), Windows NT (3.51 and later), server centric and peer to peer), Windows 95/98 and Windows for Workgroups on (NT networks and peer to peer) & windows XP & windows 2008 server,

Software: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Audition, Firefox Safari MS-Office, MS-Outlook, LOTUS Notes, MS-FrontPage, Nero, Roxio, Acronis Trueimage, Symantec Ghost, Backup Exec & Antivirus, McAfee, VMWARE Vcenter, Remotely Anywhere, Logmein.com, Ticket creation software (remedy) (magic), various other packages including: Image Editors and Processors, Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Databases, Terminal Emulation, Extra!, SecureCRT, and Knowledge Base / Expert Systems. Internet: HTTP, FTP, E-Mail (including SMTP, POP, LDAP, Outlook & Exchange), Gopher, Telnet, DNS, PGP, IE (versions 2 to 8), IP configuration, IP routing and translation Telecom: T1, ISDN & POTS, Cat5 installation and repair

Also Certified in Comptia Server +, Network +, A+, and I-Net + Certified.

Pending Certifications (MCSE, CCNA, CCA)